Indonesia Trademark Registration Knowledge and Process

Submitting the application for Indonesia trademark registration shouldnt be too complicated or difficult when you get the right help. It would provide more (legal) protection to your business or brand, giving you more access to exclusive rights in utilizing the symbol. A trademark is basically your business representation, which means that it is a part of your business asset. As a part of your asset, you need to protect it. And this is the reason why you should register it.

Overall Registration Process of Indonesia Trademark

The trademark registration process may go long. In general, the entire process may take at least 12 months to complete, while the longest one can go up to 24 months or even more. The length depends on your preparation. The more complete your documentation is, the more efficient the process would be.

The charges and fees for the process may vary. It covers certificate, pre-filing search, and registration request. But the entire charge depends on the services or goods classes. You may be charged around IDR 1,800,000 for each class.

The Essentials for Registration

There are some essential elements for the registration:

  • A statement which informs the mark ownership (which is signed by the applicant)
  • POA (Power of Attorney) which should be signed off by the applicant
  • Registration (order) form that is rightfully completed
  • Priority document copy that has been certified together with English translation
  • Applicant identity proof copy that shows personal info. It can come in the form of a business registration certificate or a passport
  • Fifteen trademark printouts which should be placed within the A4 paper (the non glossy one) center. It can also come in the form of softcopy version with jpg format.

Tips for Successful Renewal

If you want to renew your trademark, there are several helpful tips to know:

  • Dont wait up for the (renewal) deadline. Indonesia doesnt have such thing as a grace period, especially when related to late filing. If you submit your renewal application exactly on the expiry date, it would be a bad idea. Lets not forget that Indonesia uses the first to file principle, which means anyone filing off the application first would be prioritized. So, when someone else goes first before you, you will miss your chance.
  • Make sure that you provide consistent information. When the information is inconsistent, it will lead to pending application. The (Indonesian) trademark office is detailed-oriented and they will examine all the information in details. It can lead to your renewal being rejected or being failed.
  • Its best to do the (renewal) application earlier. If you dont want to experience suspended application, submit the application earlier. And make sure that you have a complete documentation so the process can go smoothly.
  • Always have registration certificate copy ready. This is a part of the extra preparation that can actually help with easier processing.


Dealing with trademark registration may not be easy, but its not overly difficult or complicated. Once you are familiar with the whole thing, you should be fine. Indonesia trademark will protect your property asset without you having to overdo it.

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